March 2019 Game – Palm Garden Golf Club



The March game was held at the immaculate Palm Garden Golf Club.   Arrangements for the game had been set up well in advance by the absent El Pres, Iain Wise, but when Paul arrived at the club, all the Palm Garden people who were supposed to be helping us were not there and had not delegated further down.  However, with some quick organization by Paul, a disaster was averted and after a smooth registration, 32 players including numerous guests & 4 visitors from Hua Hin teed-off early with a 2 tee box start.   Following a (rigged) vote at the previous game, it had been decided to tee-off from the blue tees; in practice, a number of the blue tees had then been moved back to the black tees, and with a number of flags at the back of the greens, made for a considerably lengthier round that on previous occasions.


The course was, as always, in very good condition, so the balls were running well, providing you were on the fairway.  If you weren’t, it was a different matter !   

The weather was hot and hazy throughout.   


After the game, the group adjourned to the trusty East of Highway restaurant for the post-game dinner. The (good) food was selected by Roger McGowan and was accompanied by numerous jugs, plus some good wines provided by Ricardo Castro.  


Despite the lengthier round, 7 players bettered or equaled their handicaps.  The March medal winner by a healthy margin was Martin Belderink with 92 for 44 (cut 8); second was Juerg Stoll (96 for 40)(cut 2) and third was Paul Geddes with 81 for 39 (cut 1).


Full results below. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-21 at 07.34.03

  • NTP winner #2 :  Dave Evans (2.55m)
  • NTP winner #17 :  Lim Hong (5.2m)
  • Longest Drive : Niall Murray (268.1m)
  • Lowest gross  : Geoff McLaws (81) 
  • Last birdie : Shin Tokura


We had 4/5 nominations this month for COTD.

  1. Stan – for encouraging Shin to play when the flight ahead was still on the green (on a par 4 !)
  2. El Pres (in absentia) – for pushing through the use of the blue tees
  3. Paul Geddes – for forgetting to leave the NTP marker on #17, then placing it at the wrong hole
  4. Martin Belderink – for nearly hitting the players in his flight (from the adjacent fairway)
  5. Stan – for taking advantage of his guests

Stan was unable to deflect the vote on this occasion so was unanimously voted as COTD !


COTY 2018

Given the attendance of the vistors from Hua Hin, the opportunity was taken to belatedy present Gary ‘Fingers’ Cooney with his COTY trophies for his misdemeanours in Bangkok, which were recounted for the benefit of the group by Lars (owner of the purloined wallet).  Needless to say, everyone was being very careful with their wallets whenever Gary was close !

Best Wishes

The opportunity was also taken to bid a temporary farewell to Martin Walsh, who is returning soon to Europe, and thank him for his earlier service to KLOGS.  



Only 5 honesty jugs this month, despite the afore-mentioned use of the blue/black tees plus numerous other smaller fines for various offences, (Acting ) El Pres being determined to boost the KLOGS coffers. 

April Game 

This is expected to be at Sungei Long on 17th April.   An email will be circulated shortly, once details are confirmed.  

May Away

This will be in Chonburi, Thailand (not the P word) from Monday May 13th to Saturday May 18th, to avoid weekend golf.  Contact El Pres if you wish to join.


Our sponsors are a main reason that we can play at good golf coursesand award members with trophies, attractive prizes as well as “KLOGS”signature golf balls. In order to show our appreciation we encourage members to support our sponsors.

Wine  : Ricardo Castro

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.55.11 AM

Photos : courtesy of your Scribe, Stuart & Ricardo (thanks)  


February 2019 Game -Kota Permai Golf & Country Club

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 12.21.44    Gong Xi Fa Chai     Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 12.21.58


The February game, the first in the Year of the Pig, was held at the impressive Kota Permai Golf & Country Club. This is an excellent venue, very well maintained and challenging in all aspects.  We had 34 players including 5 guests (Jan van Driel, Clive Gordon, Jay Scholley, Josef Winter & returnee Fritz Katzengruber).

Joe Lacy was playing his final KLOGS game for some time as he was heading for Australia soon after the game, then relocating to Portugal in a couple of weeks; he was given a mug-of-Baileys send-off before the game which helped for some time but wore off ~ hole #7 .   We wish him all the best, and hope to see him back on one of the Aways. 

Unlike previous years, everything proceeded smoothly and we teed-off on time (1pm) off 2 tee-boxes then generally made good progress so the first flights were finished just after 5pm.  The course was in great shape with greens in good condition, fast and tricky and the weather fine throughout.  


The group then adjourned to the New O&S restaurant for the post-game dinner.   The (good) food was selected by Barry Cousins accompanied by numerous jugs, plus some good wines provided by Ricardo.


The monthly medal winner for February was Robert Frager, with an excellent score of 85 for 42 points (cut 6 !).   Runner-up with 95 for 41 points was an on-form Mike Smith (hip, hip….)(cut 2) followed by Bernd Kaiser (cut 1) then Allan McNicoll (both with 97 for 39, positions decided on countback).   Lowest gross was Geoff McLaws with 83.  

Full results below.  

KLOGS - Feb 2109 results

  • NTP winner :  Hole 4 : Martin Walsh (4.65m)
  • NTP winner :  Hole 14 : Wayne Malouin (2.96m)
  • Longest drive :  given to Jay Scholley – 245m [tho measured from blue tee]; after checking El Pres found that Ted Parslow drove 259m, so he was also given sleeve of balls  
  • Last birdie : Edwin Ferner (Hole 18) 


We had 8 nominations this month for COTD.

  1. Martin W – self nomination for his flight, for taking 29 shots on 1 hole
  2. Iain Wise – for highlighting Clive’s crap play after hole #8
  3. Allan W – self nomination (my personal favourite)  – his wife found his earlier winners mug and was asking what “Unt” was; she was educated by his young son ! 
  4. Rafael – for 4 club throwings (on one hole ?)
  5. Edwin – for highlighting the above
  6. Josef – for multiple bunker shots on one hole, including one onto the golfers terrace
  7. Stuart – for mentioning his numerous fantastic recovery shots
  8. Martin B – for telling O&S Restaurant that we would be there for lunch, thereby confusing the manager 

Martin B was unanimously voted COTD



To Barry Cousins for making the restaurant arrangements

May Away

The May Away will be to Chonburi, Thailand (or nearby) from 13-18th May 2019.  For more details and to register, please contact Iain Wise.   Currently 12 have expressed interest. 

March Game

This will be on March 20th, at Palm Garden – this will be a test of the real men in the group as we will be playing off the blue tees (following a rigged vote)   

Special Mentions

Jimmy Leggett – absent from the AGM meeting – picked up his bottle of wine for playing 9 games during 2018, and a MST voucher for the lowest cumulative stableford points for 9 games during 2018, to spend on golfing aids ! 

Fritz – who was celebrating his 70th birthday on Feb 21st. 


A few jugs this month plus El Pres fined numerous people Rm10/20 for miscellaneous offences.


Our sponsors are a main reason that we can play at good golf courses and award members with trophies, attractive prizes as well as “KLOGS” signature golf balls. In order to show our appreciation we encourage members to support our sponsors.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.55.11 AM

Photos : courtesy of Stuart Taylor, Joe Lacy, Ricardo Castro & your scribe.  


January 2019 Game – Kelab Rahman Putra Malaysia


The first game of 2019 was held at Kelab Rahman Putra, a very picturesque but challenging venue.   With one late drop-out due to illness, 27 players including guest Nicky Lambsdorf teed-off on the Lakes Course at ~1pm.

The course was in good shape and the weather was good for the whole of the round though play was somewhat slow because of another big group who went out just before so the first flights finished ~ 6pm.

All players then adjourned for a good four course dinner at the clubhouse accompanied by numerous jugs, plus some good wines provided by Richard Rodwell & Ricardo Castro  (our sponsors for the wine prizes ).  Ian “Crackers” Craighead, Richard Moss, Barry Cousins & your scribe (who was the subject of many a butt joke !) joined for dinner.  


Only two players bettered or equaled their handicaps, with 14 players recording less than 30 points.  

The January medal winner, returning in fine form after a few months absence, was Rafael Matos, with an excellent score of 92 for 44 (cut 8).  Second was Stuart Taylor with 92 for 39 (cut 2) with Paul Geddes, 3rd on countback  (86 for 34)(cut 1) from Niall Murray (84 for 34).   

Full results below :

screen shot 2019-01-20 at 09.56.49

The novelty winners were:

  • • NTP Hole #5 : Lim (7.4m)
  • • NTP Hole #12 : Ricardo (4.5m)
  • • Longest Drive (#8) : Niall Murray (219.6m)
  • • Lowest Gross :  Geoff McLaws (86)
  • • Last birdie : Enzo Filoni   


We had 3 nominations this month for COTD : 

  1. 1. Iain W – for fining flights where one person failed to get over the water on the first hole, just because his flight succeeded;  
  2. 2. Tom Holmes – for not licking balls with fertilizer on them (?!!) 
  3. 3. Roger McGowan – for putting a long putt to 3” from the hole, then missing that putt 

Roger was narrowly voted as COTD, with Iain managing to deflect attention from himself (a trend which was repeated later) 


The AGM was also held after the game, introduced by El Pres, Iain Wise, who thanked Ricardo Castro (Moneybags), Dave Evans (Scribe) & Martin Walsh (Fines Master) for their support.   Iain & Dave are continuing in their roles for 2019 with Roger McGowan taking over from Ricardo. (Special thanks are due to Ricardo for his enthusiastic fund raising over the past 2 years).   Paul Geddes joined the committee as President of Vice.    El Pres thanked Renaaissance Hotels though Robert Frager for further sponsorship of new golf balls which should see us through 2020. 

El Pres reported : 

We played 11 different courses throughout the year – visiting Glenmarie twice.   After the AGM game, we visited Kota Permai in February; other venues of note included Sungai Long and Templer Park.  It was good to visit the Chalet Suisse Restaurant after the October game; thanks again to Hans and Bernie for making this available.  I am sure we would like to visit again in 2019 – maybe for the Christmas Game?

Throughout the year we had 57 members who played 248 rounds.  In addition 29 guests played 49 rounds, so in total 86 players played 297 rounds.  We welcomed 13 new members.

Copies of the summary of the years results are in the notes provide.

A quick review would reveal that we have had 26 different players coming in the first 3 places.

The May Away was to Vung Tau, a new location recommended by Niall Murray, for which we had 18 tourists. The course at Paradise was average but Bluffs Ho Tram, played on days 2 and 3, was tremendous. The new venue proved successful and in spite of Andrew Robinson’s comment on the approach to the town “It doesn’t look sleazy enough”. It is likely we will return at some time in the future. It was good to catch up with the Overseas groupies, in particular Brian Jeffers and Wayne Beck who are regular May Away tourists along with “Hasty” Hewitt who was in good form.

It should also be mentioned that just before the May Away, one of our members Joe Lacy completed the London Marathon, a tremendous achievement. Joe along with his son raised over 10,000 pounds for Parkinson disease research.

In November, we returned to Bangkok with 21 players attending; the highlight of the trip being Gary Cooney nicking Lars’s wallet & the subsequent repercussions.

The number of local players for the 2 tours increased which is good to see as we were starting to become very dependent on the overseas members. 

The Christmas game was held at Glenmarie and a good time was held by nearly everyone. It should be remembered when nominating members for the COTD award : “don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story!!!!”.  It was also great that 4 members donated free bottles for the après-game piss-up.


Iain/Ricardo briefly presented the finances; we have a healthy balance. There were no questions / comments. 

Annual Awards

The highlight of the evening was the presentation of the annual awards

A) Played 8 Games or More (Bottle Of Wine):

  1. 1. Geoff McLaws & Stan C (8 games);
  2. 2. Edwin Ferner, Enzo Filoni, Jimmy Leggett, Kaswira & Paul Geddes (9 games);
  3. 3. Iain  W & Ricardo : 10 games

B)  Player Of The Year Trophy (Best 9 Game Stableford)

Paul Geddes : Gross 325 : Average 36 Stableford Points

Runners up : Ricardo – 320, Kaswira – 293 

C) Player in Most Need of Improvement (Worst 9 Game Stableford)

Jimmy Leggett    a Rm 200 voucher from MST 

Other winners won a sleeve of balls : 

  1. 1. Lowest gross of year – Niall Murray – 72 @ Kota Permai
  2. 2. Most stableford points – Stan – 49 @ Tasik Puteri
  3. 3. Honorary Members – Mike Smith & Crackers 

D) COTY Award (Trophy)

Gary “Fingers” Cooney was voted COTY by a considerable margin for nicking Lars’ wallet during the Bangkok Away, after successful electioneering by runner-up, Iain Wise; the trophy was accepted in his absence by Martin Walsh for bringing Gary into the society ! 

E) Election of Officers

The following have been returned unopposed. 

a) EL PRES :  Iain Wise

b) MONEYBAGS: Roger McGowan

c) SCRIBE: Dave Evans

For the position of Vice President, El Pres tried to press-gang several members to take the post; after this proved unsuccessful, Paul Geddes volunteered to take the position.  Thanks Paul ! .

2018 El Pres Award (Trophy)

Iain Wise was presented with a tankard by Ian “Crackers” Craighead   



A number of proposals for amendments to the constitution were proposed and voted upon, as noted below : 

1) That KLOGS adopt USGA handicapping – REJECTED 

2) That KLOGS will adopt the new 2019 local rule regarding Lost Balls & Out of Bounds  – CARRIED

May Away 

This will be from Monday 13th May to Saturday 18th May 2019.  Venue TBC.

Next Game

This will be on 20 February, probably at Kota Permai (tbc)

Further Thanks

Stan C, Pietro M & Tom Holmes, as members of Rahman Putra for their assistance with the arrangements for the game & AGM.

Stuart Taylor for his tutoring & assistance with the blog over the last year.


There were numerous fines imposed during the course of the game & evening


Our sponsors are a main reason that we can play at good golf courses and award members with trophies, attractive prizes as well as “KLOGS” signature golf balls. In order to show our appreciation we encourage members to support our sponsors.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.55.11 AM

Photos : courtesy of your Scribe, Ricardo, Stuart (Thanks) 

December 2018 Game – Glenmarie Golf & Country Club


An excellent turnout of 28 players for the Christmas game at Glenmarie.  The membership were treated to festive chocolates before play.  It was good to welcome His Excellency Nicky Lambsdorf, the German Ambassador, to the group. We were off exactly on time with the usual two-tee box start. The recent wet weather always threatened but held off until 5 o’clock when the heavens eventually opened. The shower whilst heavy lasted only until 5-30 and those that wished to were able to return to the course to finish their rounds.

Dinner was at Pantai Seafood Restoran; most people arrived quickly, however those that used wrong WAZE were significantly delayed, including Ricardo, Niall and Roland, the latter arriving after 8-30pm when all the food had already been devoured.  It was great to see John Arkinstall and Barry Cousins, who joined us for dinner.

Paul Geddes did an excellent job ordering the food and also assisted El Pres in checking the scorecards as Ricardo was still lost on the way.

A good show with all members sporting their festive attire. EL PRES rented out some spare hats and with a little swapping and imagination with Bernie’s shirt no one was fined for dress code violations.  Thanks also to those that contributed bottles Stan, Hans, Enzo joining the example set by El Pres – most appreciated. The remainder have until next month to seek a reprieve,

EL PRES welcomed our guests, Louis Eyles, Bernd Kaiser and Nick Lambsdorf who unfortunately could not make dinner due to another engagement.


The result was straight forward with Ricardo scoring 86 for 42 points (cut 6), second was Kaswira with 88 for 38 points (cut 2) and third was Juerg Stoll with 99 for 37 points (cut 1).


Full results below.

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 19.14.16

*Those in grey score adjusted for 18 holes

  • NTP winner #2 : Louis Eyles 95½ cm
  • NTP winner #17 : Pietro Martucci 7m (Louis Eyles 1.91m but can only win once)
  • Longest drive #7 : Roland.
  • Lowest Gross Niall Murray 82
  • Last Birdie Stuart Taylor

Fines – Moneybags was most disappointed with only 3 Ladies Tee Boxes transgressions.


We had several nominations; the main contenders are summarized below.

  1. Ricardo for having a net 86 which when doubled equaled the number of seconds 172 for him to drink his winners reward. Ricardo for being one of the first to leave the club and be nearly last to get to the restaurant. Ricardo for causing confusion on hole 2 NTP by removing the tape from the green so the following flights could not record their distances.
  2. EL PRES for not providing protection for the novelty hole record sheets which got very wet with the rain.
  3. Ray Funnel for cursing his caddy for giving him the wrong club then hitting it only 5 metres.

Ricardo was voted COTD.

January 2019 Game / AGM

The next game will be the AGM game on Wednesday 16th January 2019 at Rahman Putra.  The notice will be issued shortly inviting members to stand for the committee, propose any modifications to the KLOGS constitution and most importantly vote for COTY.

On behalf of the committee we wish all our members and guests a Merry Christmas and a Healthy, Prosperous and Happy 2019.


Our sponsors are a main reason that we can play at good golf courses and award members with trophies, attractive prizes as well as “KLOGS”signature golf balls. In order to show our appreciation we encourage members to support our sponsors.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.55.11 AM

Photos : Courtesy of Stuart, Ricardo, Sigi, Enzo

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 19.24.12

November Away – Bangkok Thailand


Our second away of the year was a trip to Bangkok 19th to 24th November the city had not been visited in over 10 years. Seven players joined the official tour flight, Jimmy only discovering that he was on the ½ half later flight when he was at the airport. Only a minor mistake – others in the past having booked for the wrong, day/month and even one of our guys landing in Chiang Rai instead of Chiang Mai. The tour hotel of Taipan was conveniently located close to Sukhumvit and the main commercial district. Twenty One tourists plus resident fitness coach Richard Moss met at the Corner Bar shortly after 6pm on the Monday evening to renew acquaintances. The tentacles of KLOGS seem to reach further and further and it was good to have 2 new guests both based in Hua Hin – Lars Faerch from Denmark and an Irishman John Callaghan. Other frequent away specialist were also in force David, Frank, Gary, Richard, Colm and Ron. An early night enjoyed by all ready for the next day’s golf.

1st Day – Monthly KLOGS Medal – Summit Windmill Golf and Country Club

After an eventful bus journey, much of it in reverse and repeated U-turns we eventually arrived at our venue Summit Windmill Golf and Country Club for the November Game still in good time. Under clear skies we teed off on what proved to be a challenging course. The course was in good condition but had water on nearly every hole.


After finally being embarrassed to stump up his membership fees earlier on the bus with the inducement of an extra shot Tony Morris was the day’s winner with a score of 95 for 34 points cut 4, he was astounded at this as this severely curtailed his chances of his main objective the money game. Second was Geoff McLaws 81 also for 34 points cut 2 and 3rd Tom Holmes 93 for 32 points cut 1.


NTP winner hole 2 : Ricardo
NTP winner hole 4 : Tom
NTP winner hole 12 : Frank
NTP winner hole 17 : No one – All fined 100 baht
Lowest gross : Gary 89 (Geoff already taking second place)
Last birdie : can’t remember


There were 3 nominations for this initial award :

  1. Geoff McLaws for bringing his Baileys from home but forgetting to take it out of his carry on and place it into his hold luggage. He then had the option of leaving it in a locker in KLIA2 but this works out more expensive than the cost of the Baileys so has to place it in the liquid bin at airport security and then buy another one 50 yards later from duty free.
  2. Tony renews his membership on the bus with a promise of 1 more stroke and promptly wins the trophy game resulting in a cut of 4 for the money games.
  3. El Pres for organising a bus driver who went down several back alleys that were way too small for a coach to fit and for failing to issue every flight with their tape measures for the NTP.

The winner was EL PRES an easy decision.

On the bus back to Bangkok the fines master Martin did his rendition and boosted the Klogs WHIP, followed by the draw for the Horse and Jockey.


2nd Day – 1st Day of 2Day Competition Subhapruek Golf Club translated as Superpr*ck

The bus journey on day 2 was far less adventurous, The guide and driver having mastered the simple left, left and left again to get out of soi 23 and on to the main road. After team photo attended by nearly all we teed off ahead of time and we all finished by before 3-30pm.


The scoring on day 2 was much improved with Roger McGowan shooting an excellent 94 for 42 points closely followed by Pietro on 40 points, Richard Green 39 and Tom on 38 points. Bernie was in last place. 39).   Full results below :-


NTP winner 1st Nine hole 2 : No One
NTP winner 2nd Nine hole 14 : Stan – 2m
For winning day 1 Roger got a hat and shirt from the Pro Shop

COTD Nominations for this award :

  1. Stan for completely failing to understand HCPs even though Tom explained it to him 3 times. On hole 16 he was claiming a 5 for 2 points. ‘No’ says Tom ‘It’s a 5 for 1, you have a HCP of 15’ ‘Yes’ says Stan ‘I get strokes on holes 16, 17 and 18’
  2. Roger for panicking when the bus leaves the golf course and tries to get the coach driver to turn round and collect his clubs even though they were already on the bus and Roger for taking 5 minutes and 6 attempts to finish the winner’s jug.
  3. Geoff McLaws for complaining about the continuous whips being collected. This was after he had to borrow money from Jimmy to pay for his caddy and then had to buy a shirt from the club shop as he had forgotten to bring a clean one to change into.

The winner was Geoff.


3rd Day – 2nd Day of 2 Day Competition Subhapruek Golf and Country Club

For the second day of the competition EL Pres decided the field would play off the longer gold tees.


The change in tee box resulted in only 4 players scoring better than on the previous day. The majority found the longer course and maybe that this was now day 3 a handicap. One player however came from last on day 1 to first on day 2 and scored an impressive 41 points – as Stan would say it appens. This was however not sufficient to overtake Roger who managed to hang on to 1st place with a second – round score of 32 points for an overall score of 74points. Runner up was Ricardo with a two-day total of 66.

Full results below:


Day 2 – Winner Berni Schobert 41 points – sleeve of balls
NTP winner 1st Nine hole 6 : Can’t remember 2nd Nine hole 16: Richard 2.7m

The winners of the Horse & Jockey competition were Roger ridden by Enzo for 1st (6,300 baht each)and Gary ridden by Pietro for 16th (4,100 baht each) (Tony Morris’s manipulation placed him in 17th place).


There were 5 nominations for this:

  1. Tony for trying so hard to finish 16th and collect the money only to score 1 point to many and finish 17th
  2. El Pres for changing to gold tees and seeing only 4 people improve their score
  3. John for being so well prepared for on course drinking that he brings his own glass
  4. Gary for stealing somebody else’s KLOGS shirt
  5. The easy winner was Gary for stealing Lars wallet in a bar. He finds it in his pocket 30 minutes later in a relaxation centre but cannot be bothered to leave the establishment and find Lars so continues with his relaxation. The police were involved and he gave his wife’s number instead of his own in relation to the incident.

Later that evening all 18 players and fitness coach Richard attended Cabbages and Condoms a famous Bangkok Thai Restaurant owned by the former Health Minister of Thailand widely acclaimed for promotion of contraception into the country and responsible for the birth rate averaging at around 2 children. Thailands population has remained static for the last 30 years.

A good set menu washed down with ample quantities of beer were enjoyed by all

4th Day – Team Scramble Panya Indra A & C

The course proved to be rather busy, possibly due to the night before being Loy Krathong a Thai festival where hand-made Krathongs, made from banana tree trunk and banana leaves, held together with pins, and decorated with flowers and lanterns are floated on water.

The 21 players were split into 4 teams of four and a jumbo team of five players. Progress was annoyingly slow with waiting on every hole. The round was finished in just short of 6 hours. Expectedly most players were a little worse for wear including some of the caddies who managed to drink more beer than their players.


All 5 teams were separated by only 4 shots vindicating EL PRES’s team selections!!!, The top 3 teams all shot 70 – 2 under par. After complicated count-back the winners were the the jumbo team of 5 players Geoff, Stan, Enzo, Roger and Jimmy.

Second was the team of Gary,Tom, Richard and Allan. -2,100 Baht each

Winning team receiving their dosh 3,150 Baht each


There were 4 nominations for this:


  1. El Pres for picking a big hitter in every flight but his own and for picking the scramble flights and coming last
  2. Ricardo for discovering on the last day that his clubs had been damaged on the flight over resulting in his 4 and 6 irons being bent out of shape and playing with them for 4 days without noticing.
  3. Frank for being a peeping Tom
  4. The winner, taking away a sure fire win for El Pres just before the voting was Tom for berating El Pres for hitting onto the green on a par 3. ‘What is the maniac doing?’ exclaims Tom ‘Can’t he see we are putting?’ He then gets assurance from his caddy that this hole is definitely not a ‘call on’ hole. ‘No No’ says his caddy ‘ No call on here’ There was an enormous sign behind the tee box stating ‘CALL ON HOLE’ that Tom somehow didn’t see


The COTT voting was a brief affair with Gary Cooney, quite rightly, taking the honours for his thieving of Lars wallet and then not doing anything about it and continuing with his evening as if nothing had happened.

He is now known as ‘Fingers Coney’


The various prize winners received sleeves of balls courtesy of Renaissance Hotels (thanks to Robert Frager) and Liberty Travel.

Fines & Honesty Jugs

 There were numerous jugs on this tour, along with those dealt out by the Fines Master (Martin) who was in fine form, penalising numerous people for various misdemeanors.


 To Ricardo for taking care of the Money, for Tom assisting with the Scribe role, Martin for acting as Fines Master and to El Pres for his organization of the tour. Lastly to the overseas participants for joining the tour.


The whole group sends their condolences to our Scribe Dave who had to scratch at the 11th hour following the passing of his mother. As a sign of respect a minute’s silence was held on the bus on day 1.




Our sponsors are a main reason that we can play at good golf courses
and award members with trophies, attractive prizes as well as “KLOGS
signature golf balls. In order to show our appreciation we encourage
members to support our sponsors.

Wine (Richard Rodwell):

Golf Balls



Photos : courtesy of your Bernie, Pietro Ricardo. Visit the blog (soon) for more photos.





A Comprehensive Guide to the New Rules of Golf

As of 1 Jan 2019 the USGA and the R&A have announced new rules of golf. Here is an excellent link to a slideshow showing the most significant changes to the rules. All players need to be familiar with these rule changes for the start of the 2019 golfing year.

Full golf rules can be read here :



October 2018 Game – Templer Park Country Club


The October game was held at the immaculate Templer Park Country Club.  24 players including 7 guests (Adrian Skiba, Andrew McDonald, Jeffrey Brown, Chris Banton, Jan Van Driel, Paul Carpmael & Roland Steiner ) teed-off slightly before 1pm with a 2 tee box start.   At that time, the course was almost empty so all flights made good time, with the first flight finishing at ~5pm. The weather was sunny & hot with a cooling breeze springing up later; surprisingly there was no rain throughout the afternoon.  

At the invitation of Hans & Berni, twenty of us then made our way to their Chalet Suisse restaurant in Ampang, where we were joined by ‘tour groupie’ Ian Durant and enjoyed a splendid 4-course meal, accompanied by numerous jugs of beer & good wines provided by Richard Rodwell (our sponsor for the wine prize).  The evening wrapped up for most ~ 9.30pm.  


With many players (including your scribe) struggling with their approach shots & putting, only 2 players bettered or equaled their handicaps.  The October medal winner, no doubt inspired by his recent visit to the Ryder Cup, was Martin Walsh with 89 for 37 (cut 4); Kaz Takita was second with 92 for 36 (cut 2) and third Iain Wise with 100 for 34 (cut 1).

Full results below.

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 12.59.34

  • NTP winner #8 :  None (Kaz & Juerg not attending the dinner)
  • NTP winner #16 :  Berni Schobert (2.55m)
  • Longest Drive : Ricardo Castro (260m, but measured from the blue tee)
  • Lowest gross  : Paul Geddes (89) (Martin W having won another prize)


We had 4 nominations this month for COTD.

  1. Paul Geddes – for his aquatic exploits while retrieving his ball (and for arriving more than fashionably late at the restaurant !)
  2. Flight 5 – for slow play 
  3. Sigi (self nomination) – for teeing off while the group ahead was still on the green
  4. Edwin – for refusing to swear in German

Paul G, unanimously, was voted COTD !


Numerous fines this month.

November Away

This will be in Bangkok from Monday Nov 19th to Saturday Nov 24th.  


Our sponsors are a main reason that we can play at good golf courses and award members with trophies, attractive prizes as well as “KLOGS” signature golf balls. In order to show our appreciation we encourage members to support our sponsors.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.55.11 AM

Photos : courtesy of your Scribe, Martin W & Ricardo (thanks)  


November 2018 Away – Bangkok, Thailand – 19th-24th November 2018

The KLOGS 2018 November Away will be from MONDAY 19th to SATURDAY 24th November in

Bangkok, Thailand







Monday 19th November 2018 KLIA2 – DMK Air Asia AK884 Departs 13-15 ETA Bangkok (Don Muang) 14-25

Saturday 24th November 2018 DMK – KLIA2 Air Asia AK883 Departs 13-20 ETA KLIA2 16-35


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September 2018 Game – Tropicana Golf & Country Club


Following 4 late withdrawals and with other members away in Chiang Mai, 20 players teed off under clear skies at Tropicana Golf & Country Club. After a late switch we played East 1 and West, play commencing on schedule with a two- tee box start at 1-00pm, with EL PRES getting proceedings under way on West.

The course was in excellent condition with the greens running very fast.


The earlier clear skies did not last and by 4 o’clock the distant rumbles of thunder could be heard. It seemed that we may have a reprieve as the rain held off, however our game was cut short just after 5 o’clock when the rain started and with lightning close by the siren sounded.  Tropicana has a policy that if play is suspended and it is still raining at 6 o’clock then the course will stay closed. With no break in the rain and the satellite plot showing no movement in the red zone, play was brought to a close at 5-45 pm.

Paul Geddes took some time during the rain break while sheltering in a tunnel to do a wonderful Austin Powers impression of trying to turn his buggy …… see the video here:

We adjourned to the nearby Pantai Seafood Restoran with all players arriving quite quickly.  With the committee fully occupied in checking the scorecards, the food was ordered by Paul Geddes who selected well.

EL PRES welcomed our 4 guests, Raymond Choo, guest of Pietro, Andy MacDonald, guest of Paul Geddes, Roland Steiner, guest of Enzo and Bernd Kaiser,  guest of Helmut Dicknoether. We look forward to seeing you all again at future events.


The abandoned play required additional checking of score cards.  The result was determined by the score of the 13 common holes played by all players (holes 1 to 7 East 1 and Holes 1 to 6 on West).  Two players both scored 30 points on these holes : Enzo Filoni  was declared the winner (cut 5) beating Robert Frager (cut 2) on count back.  Helmut Dicknoether came in third place with 29 points (cut 1).

Full results below.

Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 17.06.10

  • NTP winner #8 : Kaswira (12 m 87cm)
  • NTP winner #17 : Paul Geddes (4m 81 cm)
  • Longest drive #7 : Richard Rodwell 215 m.
  • Last birdie : Ricardo Castro (West 5)


Several players were fined for completing the longest drive score sheet on the par 3 hole #3 believing it was an NTP hole. It was deemed that their longest drive distances were all short of the Ladies Tee Box.

Several other players were fined for taking 4 or more putts on some of the greens.

Bernd was awarded a pink ball for a 5 putt on the first green.

Stuart Taylor was also fined for picking up on index 1 when he had a 4 inch putt for a 7 as he was not used to have 2 strokes on holes.   Remember next time, you will have 4 holes with double shots.

Moneybags had a fruitful day and collected 9 ladies tee box jugs.


We had 3 nominations this month for COTD.

  1. Rafael for recording zero points on the first nine and also for excessive preening in the showers after the game
  2. Richard for admiring Rafael whilst he was preening
  3. Pietro for not paying his caddy

Rafael was voted as COTD.


To everyone for your support and a special thank you to Stuart Taylor for providing some of the photographs for the report.

Next Game 

The next game will be on Wednesday 17th October at Templer Park, followed by dinner at Chalet Suisse Restoran.

November Away 

The November Away will be to Bangkok 19th to 24th; there are still 2 places available.   Anyone wishing to join, contact EL PRES.   The balance of the money for the tour is due by 21st October 18.   Any non-tourists who would like a shirt, orders need to be placed by 21st September 18


Our sponsors are a main reason that we can play at good golf courses and award members with trophies, attractive prizes as well as “KLOGS”signature golf balls. In order to show our appreciation we encourage members to support our sponsors.

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Photos :  Courtesy of Stuart & Ricardo