Ian ‘Crackers’ Craighead. RIP

Ian Craighead

Affectionately known as “Crackers” -RIP April 2021

From Tee to Green and beyond

Member since 1990
EL PRES 1992
Klogger of the Year 1994, 1995 & 2003 Honorary Member since 2007

Sadly – Ian passed away last week following a fall at his home. He was still playing regularly with his RSGC groups. His outings to KLOGS in recent times had been restricted to attendance at the groups AGMs where he always played. This was an outstanding achievement considering this game was held on the formidable Rahman Putra Lakes Course. Afterwards he was often seen quaffing his favoured Guinness or stout, not one for the local lager, before entertaining us with his tales from the past and then moving onto a dram or two.

Ian was one of the very early members of the society and instrumental in getting the group off the ground, he served as the third EL Pres in 1992 and was Klogger of the Year on three occasions 1994, 95 and 2003. He no doubt won the “other” monthly award numerous times.

As recounted by an ex-scribe “Two things about Crackers come to my mind. His dry sense of humour laced with a bit of grumpy impatience and how could we forget that putter he used. Looked like a sawn-off 1-iron. He would line it up with 90-degree precision to great effect.”

And from another EL PRES “Ian was a strong supporter of the KLOGS Aways and always produced the bottle on the left immediately upon alighting the bus at the Away venue airport (along with the compulsory Baileys bottle on the right). (Also known to mix the two) In recent years, he made and played the AGM game as a Klogs honorary member bringing his unique putting technique and hickory putter shaft to full effect. We say farewell and RIP to a true Klogs institution now ‘Crackers’ has departed.”

And from another EL PRES “I first met Ian when I joined KLOGS in 1993. It had been running, as I recall from around 1989 formed by Mike Binns and a few other businessmen. In those days it comprised senior executives, diplomats et-al. Very informal and just an excuse to get away from the more formal corporate golf and have a few beers and a laugh. Golf was entirely incidental. There was no Constitution, this was only ratified around 2007 because we were under the impression it was required under the Societies Act.

The format in those early days was to meet up at lunchtime, play the game and have a few beers, with finger food and depart early for evening functions.

Ian was a man of great character, infinite wit and a pleasure to play with He was actually a very good golfer. He would hit his drive, then casually ask “where did that go young Rick?! Claiming his poor eyesight… it was invariably straight as an arrow! On the green he used an ancient cut down 2 iron to putt with…deadly!

KLOGS changed a lot during the Asian recession in the late 90’s and numbers dwindled, we were lucky to field 2 or 3 flights because many major companies pulled out their staff.

Ian supported throughout I never once saw him down, always a fund of stories and dangerous on a run ashore on Away Tours. One of his Forte’s was always as Fines Master where he excelled and we spent like sailors on shore leave. It was my pleasure during my tenure as EL PRES in 2007 to make him an Honorary Member”

And lastly another EL PRES “I first knew Ian from the Mid to late 90’s, as I played occasionally on my business trips from UK and then when I was living in Singapore. Later when I started living in KL from 2001, I got to know him much better as with All of the then KLOGS fraternity.

Ian for sure was regarded as a senior KLOGS member you could always find helpful advice from. Great sense of humour too. One of the best at Putting I have ever played with and not too bad on consuming copious amounts of whisky in his day! Loads of fun on several KLOGS Away trips, indeed probably one of the founding actors to get the two trips each year away from Malaysia.”

An early fighter for the environment he was known for keeping a tree well-watered on the 9th hole of RSGC old course and for taking a bag on every round to collect rubbish, long before this was deemed to be fashionable.

Ian also played occasionally with the Loose Cannons group and was a victorious member of the St Andrews team in the annual Inter Society Golf Match.

Away from the course Ian was an international businessman specialising in advertising, he set up the Malaysian arm of Grey’s Advertising in 1986 and later Select Team in 1995 having previously worked in Europe and Africa.

We extend our condolences to Pat, and Ian’s family and friends.

Stout on the terrace at Rahman Putra Ian with Kloggers AGM 2014 KGSAAS

Magnificent 7 Ian with 6 other EL Pres’ Ian Ulla Bernie Hans & Arend at RSGC

Ian handing EL Pres his tankard Close up of the famous putter Hans Pauline Bernie and Ian

Ian Celebrating with the victorious St Andrew’s team Pat and Ian

LINK to THE above see below.

The following are a couple of personal tributes contributed by his mates.

Ian ‘Crackers’ Craighead   RIP

  • Ian must have been one of the Kongsi founding members with Brian Columbus, and probably the only one who cherished the same putter which I always suspected, he nicked from some municipal putting green. He was especially good at bringing in new members and a great raconteur at post game get-togethers in the RSGC members’ bar. I’m sure that all of us who met, and played alongside him will regard his passing with great sadness and regret that he leaves a gap in our 2022 Kongsi meet.
  • A great guy, full of friendship, fun and stories, some of which were even funny!   I last saw him at the New Forest Kongsi and he was in his usual great form.
  • Very, very sad news. Ian invited me to join the Kongsi in 1993 and those 8 o’clock starts were the highlight of my week along with the Malacca weekends.   A uniquely amusing individual who had an uncanny knack of making one feel at ease but was as competitive as hell!
  • We can all remember those wonderful Saturday Kongsi mornings at RSGC; after many of us having so much agony on those 18 holes, we could drift into the Men’s Bar for our 19th hole session and listen to Ian’s many wonderful jokes and ordering countless jugs of Guinness draft and Anchors from Raj; I think we consumed a few chicken wings also.  Ian was a wonderful friend and will be sorely missed by us all. Those Kongsi Reunions which he organised in Malaysia were very special occasions and so very enjoyable.   RSGC will be a sadder place without Ian, and we shall all miss him greatly.
  •  Ian was a great friend and character who lit up the room with his effervescent good humour. What an awful shame that he will not be with us for our final delayed Kongsi gathering. We will surely raise a glass to him whenever this does take place.   He will be sorely missed but never forgotten.
  • What very sad news to hear that the immortal Craighead is with us no more. We had many fun times back in KL and though I have never managed to make it to any of the Kongsi reunions, Jan and I remember with great fondness the good times we had and the great company we enjoyed with the Kongsi members who were there at the same time as us, with Ian at the forefront.
  • A light in life has gone out: Ian was always such fun to be with. So many happy memories.
  • I am so sorry to have learnt about the very sad news about Ian. Yes, he was a character and a very good friend and as someone of the Kongsi wrote thinking about him brings a smile on our face despite the sorrow. 
  • I was really saddened to read of Ian’s passing away. I had just returned from an Anzac Day memorial service (not the Dawn one) and it felt like a double whammy.  I have lots of fond memories of Ian- well before the R.S.G.C. Era. We probably met at church, that little white one just down from the Weld which I presume is no more.
  • A very good man gone, but never forgotten.    Thinking of him now, brings a smile to my face.
  • I saw Ian about two months ago at RSGC and had a brief chat with him. He was looking forward to the Kongsi meet in U.K. when it is safe for everyone to travel.  All of us are going to miss him especially his jokes and the joy of drowning a Guinness draft with him.
  • So sorry to hear this news. We all have wonderful memories of Ian. He made me feel at home as soon as I got to KL in the early nineties and we had some wonderful times together. 
  • Ian was a real character and will be much missed.   We have very fond memories of his wit and camaraderie during our days in KL in the Eighties, including many enjoyable ‘Malacca weekends’. 
  • Ian was a real one off, involved with so many people and things, and a friend to us all. There will be a very large empty chair when we next meet, we will all miss him.
  • Devastating news  …………  what a character  …………………  what a pal!!
  • Such sad news, as we all have so many happy memories of Ian both off, and on the golf course.

Maybe when we can next meet up we shall raise a glass of Guinness or Whiskey in his memory.

  • Very sad news. Ian was an integral part of the Kongsi and one of the first people we met in K.L. His personality and sense of humour will be sorely missed.  He was for us a huge link to K.L.
  • This is very sad news indeed. Ian was a great friend to all of us. He will be very much missed and long remembered. We will remember Ian always. Let’s hope we can all get together to remember his contribution to all our lives. Ian was a true friend and a true gentleman.

Jay Schooley

I wanted to share a note about the passing of Crackers, whom I knew quite well from the RSGC. 

I met Ian on the 6th tee of the first new at RSGC in March 2018.  The funny part, is that I was playing the 5th hole, and my very first round at RSGC.  My fairway bunker shot flew over the green and landed on the tee box where he was standing.  I had no idea where my ball was, as the bunker was pretty deep, and the 5th green was quite elevated.  As I walked up on the green (always hopeful) Ian shouted to me that my ball was on the tee box next to his group.  As a brand new member, I apologized profusely like a good Canadian, explaining I just wasn’t that good of a golfer, despite 30 years of playing.  I followed his group the remaining way and then apologized again when I saw them sitting on the patio.  Ian invited me to sit with them for a beer, and the conversation, and quite a few Tigers began to flow.  Because of my lack of fucking talent (LOFT) with golf, his group invited me to join their Sunday game in a group called the “LOFTies”.  For the next two years and a bit, I spent every Sunday I was in town at RSGC playing golf with Ian.  At every game, he had a hard-boiled egg and a 100 Plus at our first rest stop, a coconut at the turn, and then an old beat up pewter KLOGs mug with a Guinness waiting after 18.  I learned so many interesting things from Ian, from his travels, his over 50 years in Malaysia, to how much he cared about the appearance of the club (he was always picking up garbage along the way as he walked, pushing his trolley).  Every game, Ian used to pull empty plastic bottles out of a hole in a beautiful tree on the second new #8.  We called it Ian’s tree.  Ian will be missed by everyone who knew him.  He was a true gentleman and I will never forget him.


April 2021 Scribe Report – Palm Garden

Be at the course by 6.45am! Absolutely unheard of for a K.L.O.G.S game.

Another great day out for our K.L.O.G.S members and guest. Palm Garden is always a great course to play and its fairway conditions are second to none. 23 avid kloggers started very early from the blue tee boxes in six flights, 3 on the Eugennia 9 and 3 on the Bismarck 9. We all finished in relatively good time in very warm but pleasant weather, before heading to the Restoran East of Highway for the usual joviality and warmth.

Aside from the very inconsistent greens that were playing anywhere between 6 and 10 feet on the Stimp meter, and were extremely frustrating, there wasn’t too much other whingeing. This golf course never disappoints.

Courtesy of Ricardo, the Par 3, 14th hole.


Our April winner was our own El Pres who scored a very credible 82 for 38 points.

Our guest Scott Milton, playing only his second round with KLOGS, was ineligible to win after his 85 for 38 points but full credit to him on the round and for not forcing me to do a count-back.

Second place went to Albert Koh with 36 Stableford points.

Third place to Robert Frager, one of our long time sponsors, with 34 points.

After a somewhat confusing but always tasty lunch service, El Pres opened the floor for the presentation of prizes. He thanked the attendees for coming and then launched.

Once again, there was no-one at the bag drop to check in. However, when reception opened shortly before our tee time, our cards were ready before play. We were all off on time on two tee boxes and ‘most’ finished in relatively good time. Bearing this in mind, all flights must keep up with the flight in front as much as possible.” There was also some complaint about a flight being delayed but the Scribe didn’t experience it at all!

El Pres also commented on the green speeds as his only criticism of the course (golf registration is not the course) and always fun to play. The decision to bring all of our handicaps back to WHS or club handicap is obviously working with only three playing to or better than handicap.

Prize-giving and the usual antics followed:

El Pres being presented with 1st place and a very cold beer – see the next pic.
Geez that’s cold.
Albert Koh, receiving his second place prize
3rd place Robert Frager

NTP Awards.

Somehow we never seem to get everyone on the same page with regard to the tape measures and sheets we are given to record NTP’s during these COVID times. The tape measures and sheets REMAIN WITH the flight for the entire round and are to record the names of those on the green of the holes nominated on the said sheet. Please hand the tape measures and sheets back when you hand in your signed correct score cards.

Winners as follows:

Hole 2 John Lee

Hole 7 No winner

Hole 12 Bernd Kaiser 2.5 metre.

Hole 17 Scott Milton 0.58cm (or 5.8mm)

COTD Nominations

Only two nominations for COTD which is very light on for our group. It must have been the morning air affecting our behaviour.

Tony Morris (the bo”om fell out of me glass) nominated Iain Wise for looking everywhere for his hat and asking “have you seen my hat?” only to be told to have a look on his head.

Tony Morris nominated Josef Winter for noting that only John Lee’s name was on the sheet and that John was in his flight. How did that happen? Each flight has a sheet Josef!

Josef was overwhelmingly voted COTD for April 2021.

Love this guy! Well done Josef.


Fines were surreptitiously collected while the scores were being collated and did not feature in this months presentation. However, we are pleased to report that there were nine (9) contributions for not reaching the ladies tee and one for not wearing the correct shirt. Additionally, those donations helped us to break even on the day. Thanks Gents.


As always, we would be a little worse off without our generous sponsors, Robert Frager for the Callaway balls with KLOGS logo and Ricardo Castro for the wine. I must also point out that Ricardo supplies most of the photos used in these posts and I must commend him on the quality of photos. Thanks Ricardo.

The ‘bo”om fell out!
Tee BoxFltNameH/CapGrossNetpoints
5000 0108
11Scott Milton (G2)15857038
11Paul Geddes12827038
31Albert Koh8807236
11Robert Frager14887434
610David Evans261027632
31Thomas Stadler18967830
410Iain Wise2199030
31Vind Sidhu16957929
21Geoff McLaws5858028
610David Cheung13938028
610Ricardo Castro12938127
21Mahmud  Mohamed251078226
510Stan Constantinides181008226
410John Lee 15988325
21Sigi Maierbrugger191038424
31Allan Wright281128424
21Martin Belderink231088523
410Josef Winter181038523
11Bernd Kaiser10968622
410Tony Morris201068622
510Pietro Martucci191058622
510O C Tan241138919
610Fritz Katzengruber161089216
Scores for the April 2021 game at Palm Garden.

Over and out.

March 2021 Scribe Report

Well it was great to get out again as a K.L.O.G.S group after so many trying months. We met at Templer Park Golf and Country Club for the March 2021 fixture. A full field with limited flights meant some were disappointed to be left out, but as things open up more in KL, this shouldn’t be the case going forward.

El Pres is doing a wonderful job juggling his very busy schedule with the ever changing SOP’s concerning how we play golf in the current climate. I am sure we all remember driving through monsoonal type rain on the way to the golf course and were all happy to see the end of the rain. On that, El Pres called ‘bunkers in play’ in the pre-game briefing. Well, more on that later.

In single buggies and 2 caddies per flight, 24 players ventured out at our appointed tee times from two tee boxes. It was very soon apparent that the course had endured a lot more rain than the brief ‘shower’ we had on the way to the course. Most of the bunkers resembled lakes and the ground underfoot squelched at every step. Despite the recent rain however, Templer Park showed why it has such a solid reputation as the most scenic (in KL) and a very challenging golf course. It recovered fairly quickly and as always was spectacular in the morning light. Weather conditions were delightful until the wet ground started to warm up and the sun beat down. Wow, it got hot!

About the bunkers! We all know the rule when your ball ends up in a ‘puddle’ in a bunker. You remove the ball and place it in the bunker no closer to the whole without penalty. Unfortunately, El Pres’ crystal ball did not predict how you would do so when the entire bunker is full of water, or the only place left in the bunker to place your ball, is closer to the hole! We all managed in the end, I think!

Prior to the game, El Pres revised the handicapping of players to more accurately reflect the actual handicap of that player. Using the World Handicapping System (WHS) most players saw their handicaps come in substantially and this played out positively in the scores returned. Given the conditions on the golf course with wet lies and limited run on the fairways one would expect your scores to be a bit higher. None of us played to our actual handicaps but scores reflected the challenges of the day as well.

All groups finished our rounds in around 4.5 hours and most managed to make it to the nearby Tang Dynasty Chinese restaurant for the lunch and informal AGM (not). Unfortunately, Jon Arkinstall injured his back and was unable to complete his round or make it to lunch. Get your back fixed Jon and come back to K.L.O.G.S.

It was evident that our arrival at the restaurant had the kitchen on edge as it was already past their lunch window. However, we managed to hold off the meal service until scores were tallied and then it was like animals to the trough. Amber ale flowed and a couple of corks popped throughout. Albert Koh generously provided a bottle of local ‘Scotch’ whisky that enabled a toast to lost comrades.

A great atmosphere with all the guys back together, and then the presentation.

As written, no one played to handicap and most scores were 7 to 12 above.

Winner and place-getters:

The winner on the day with a score of 91 playing off 14, with 31 Stableford points was Bernd Kaiser.

Second place was Fritz Kratzengruber with 95 off 17 with 30 Stableford points.

Third place was Iain Wise with 100 off 22 with also 30 Stableford points. OCB – Fritz had the better inward 9 score.

Lowest Gross:, Geoff McLaws 83.


Hole 2 – Vind Sidhu

Hole 8 – Ricardo Castro

Hole 11 – Allan Wright

Hole 16 – Tony Morris, but was a no show so not awarded.

COTD Nominations:

El Pres for announcing that bunkers were in play when they were virtually unplayable for reasons unassociated with COVID SOP’s.

El Pres for not being clear enough on what to do with the measuring tapes and sheets for the NTP (i.e each group has its own tape and sheet to measure all tee shots on the green on nominated Par 3’s – to be retained by the group throughout the round)

Roland for leaving said tape measure and sheet on the first Par 3 they played, for the next group to use! And, further, then complained that there was no tape left for his group on subsequent Par 3’s.

Clive nominated El Pres for something else so not worthy of recording so that was the end of nominations.

Given that Roland nominated El Pres for not being clear on what to do with the tapes etc, and that he was the one who left his tape on the first Par 3, he was overwhelmingly voted COTD. Karma Roland.


We collected a quite a few fines this week with four contributions for not reaching the ladies teebox (50RM), two for lateness (20RM), one for repeated phone abuse during the presentation (20RM) and one for wearing the incorrect shirt (20RM) With the coffers rather bare from a lean 2020 it was a handy input.

2020 Overall Winners:

As part of the post match AGM (not) the winners of the overall season prizes were awarded their trophies. The trophies were awarded as follows in the following categories:

(Average S/ford points best 6 out of total 8 games)

Winner: Ricardo CASTRO (36.5)

Second: Stan CONSTANTINIDES (35.5)

Equal Third: Tony MORRIS and Paul GEDDES (34.8)



We cannot forget our ever generous sponsors:

Robert Frager for the Golf Balls

Ricardo Castro for the wine


Our March 2021 Winner – Bernd Kaiser
2nd Place – Fritz Kratzengruber
3rd place OCB – Iain Wise
Unanimously voted COTD – Roland Steiner
First place for 2020 – Ricardo Castro (Average S/ford score of 36.5)
Second overall for 2020 – Stan Constantinides (35.5)
3rd place overall 2020 – Paul Geddes and Tony Morris (absent) (34.8)
2020 COTY – Geoff McLaws
Tee BoxFltNameH/CapGrossNetpointsPosition
410John Arkinstall22DNF0  
610Bernd Kaiser14917731 
31Fritz Katzengruber17957830 
410Iain Wise221007830 
21Geoff McLaws4837929 
31Helmut Dicknoether 241037929 
31Vind Sidhu15958028 
510Clive Gordon11918028 
610David Cheung12938127 
11Albert Koh7898226 
510Thomas Stadler17998226 
610Ricardo Castro11938226 
610Mahmud  Mohamed241068226 
11Paul Geddes11948325 
11Roland Steiner15998424 
21Sigi Maierbrugger191038424 
410Tony Morris191038424 
510Pietro Martucci181028424 
21John Lee 14998523 
21Allan Wright271128523 
510Stan Constantinides181058721 
11Diederik Brinkman (G1)181068820 
31Josef Winter171068919 
410David Evans251169117 

December 2020 – Final KLOGS outing in a year of many challenges.

The final game of 2020 took place on the morning of 9th December. Eighteen of us ventured across borders (some for the first time in months) to play at Impian Golf and Country Resort in Kajang. With CMCO restrictions recently being eased, we travelled with confidence that the destination was going to be reached!

Two flights of three and three of four started from two tee boxes but those starting from Hole 10 had a very slow start behind the ‘walking golfers’, with Ricardo’s group recording a 3.5 hour first nine. Most groups recorded an 18 holes total time of more than 4.5 hours which is really unacceptable in todays’ climate and need to speed up the game.

Apparently registration was comparatively easy but then the fun started. Getting onto the golf course was another matter entirely. Impian only provide block times to groups meaning no individual tee times and thereby the potential for multiple groups to be at the tee box waiting to start. Wednesday was no exception. At least four flights of local golfers were suddenly on the tee boxes in front of our groups on both tee boxes, meaning a very slow start for KLOGGERS. My own flight waited over 40 minutes to tee off and we experienced hold ups on every hole until we were 6 holes in.

Impian is usually a very well presented golf course with fast and true greens and provides many challenges to most golfers. This time was no exception. The course was quite superb with only a few murmurs heard about varying green speeds (must agree) and of course, lost balls. Returned score cards reflected the difficulty of the course with only four players bettering their handicaps.

Playing from the ‘white’ tee boxes, our groups generally finished in under 5 hours but as stated, quite unacceptable. With CMCO restrictions easing, we could have expected to shower again before gathering for lunch but the showers were unavailable even if you brought a towel. Regardless, only 50% of the crew read the emails and brought a change of shirt, who then had to endure the pervading ‘mustiness’ in the restaurant. Refreshments a plenty helped us to forget about the latter.

Lunch was taken at the very reliable Restoran East of Highway which once again, put on a very good spread (ordered by Albert Koh – thank you) and all was washed down with plenty of amber fluid and grape juice.

El Pres (Paul) opened proceedings with a few words about the registration process and our frustrations outlined above. Of course, we couldn’t get by without our sponsors which El Pres acknowledged in his own inimitable way. Ricardo for the wine and Robert for his Balls.

Our winners on the day are as follows:

Overall winner – Vind Sidhu 86 gross for 40 points.

2nd Place – Paul Geddes 83 for 39 points.

3rd Place – Josef Winter 94 for 37 points.

Nearest to the Pin – Holes 7, 12 and 16.

Hole 7 – Thomas Stadler 1.9m. (Guest Patrick Teoh was 1.25m but did not attend lunch)

Hole 12 – Mahmud Mohammed 12m .

Hole 16 – Pietro 2.5cm. (As with men and ‘size’, there was some discussion over whether it was 2.5cm or 25cm)

Last Birdie – Rudi Schipper (Guest) Hole 16.

Lowest Gross – Geoff McLaws 81.

Following the presentations, El Pres called for nominations for COTD. The room was quiet. We must have been well behaved today……………..

  1. It appeared that no-one had anything to offer before our ever reliable Sigi, (for COTD noms) nominated Clive for selling him a GPS watch which never registers anything less than 100 metres.

2. This resulted in Clive retaliating with a nomination for Sigi, for “just being a C**T!”

3. Mahmud was generally nominated for equipment abuse which resulted in a broken driver shaft (very costly). Sweaty hands Mahmud?

4. Vind nominated Albert for losing his caddy somewhere during the round and then refusing the replacement that was brought to him.

5. Sigi then nominated Bernd (I told you Sigi was reliable) for showing Pietro his 9 iron from 156 metres saying he’ll easily get there with the club only to fall way short!

Bernd was unanimously voted the COTD and received the ‘winnings’ on the day.

Then there were only a few fines registered this month leaving the coffers a little bit lean.

  1. John Lee and Rudi Schipper for not reaching the ladies tee box (or having to play from the tee again) contributed RM50 each.

2. Vind for not wearing his KLOGS shirt contributed RM50.

3. Incorrect score cards Vind and Sigi RM20 each.

A reminder that you should only score one other player in your flight and record both his and yours on the score card you submit. All cards are to be signed by the player and marker. Every player is to submit his own card, not the card for the player you marked for. Do not sign for an incorrect score or you will be fined.

A clarification of the most recent instruction regarding fines and playing your 3rd shot from the tee box or not reaching the ladies tee box was needed following discussions with a player. Where a player ‘chooses’ to play his 3rd shot from the tee box (in the case of hitting your ball into the water hazard and a drop zone is provided), this shot is not considered as being behind the ladies tee box, and does not warrant a fine. That is, UNLESS the drop zone is also behind the ladies tee box. The latter will rarely apply if only one drop zone is provided for both men and women.

Some photos of the presentation and some really good pics from Ricardo to follow.

Winner – Vind Sidhu
Second Place – El Pres
3rd Place – Josef Winter
NTP winner Hole 7 Thomas Stadler
NTP Hole 16 – Pietro Martucci
COTD December – Bernd Kaiser
Will you look at that finish? Stand closer to the ball Vind!

18th Nov 20 Scribe Report – Bukit Jalil GCR

El Presidente – Paul Geddes Esq.

Moneybags – Stan standing in for Enzo Filoni (in memory, RIP)

Scribe – Geoff McLaws


November 18th 2020.

Twenty two (22) Kloggers finally got together at Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort after a tumultuous year of COVID-19 Coronavirus, border and country closures, massive restrictions on our movements and the ever present threat of the virus itself. So many missed games and dinners and unfortunately for most of us, little opportunity to catch up with friends who have been lost to us this year.

Bukit Jalil suffers a lot from cyclic maintenance and like most golf courses in Malaysia, they depend on income to keep up that maintenance in times like we have experienced this year. Who knows what the bean-counters decide in their monthly meetings but the golf course suffers if the budget doesn’t include the maintenance required. For mainly this reason the golf course is sometimes fantastic and on other times very poor. This time we were fortunate aside from the lengthy registration process.

[One thing that detracts from this course more than others I’ve played, is the lack of golfer etiquette when it comes to repairing pitch marks or replacing divots. Some greens were like polka dots and thank goodness for pick, clean and place on the fairways. Open to comment]

On to the game. With two flights of 3, and four of 4, three flights started from the 1st and the other three from 10. All finished in good time but we can all agree that it was a very hot morning and all were pleased to retire to the restaurant for an ale. Bukit Jalil is presently very good, the greens roll smoothly (green speed 9.5 – 10) and the fairways lush and dry(ish), considering the heavy overnight rain. The rough here is another thing. Rumour is that’s where the elephants go to die!

The scores today reflected the relative difficulty of this course even from the whites. Some of the greens proved a mighty challenge given the slopes that some have and the higher green speeds we shared. Only four players played better than, or to their handicaps with Tony MORRIS finally being declared the winner. More on that to come.

We were not able to run our usual competition of Longest Drive but using our SOP’s by carrying individual tapes, we had three NTP’s. The fourth hole proved the most difficult of the 3 with not one player reaching the green in regulation! Hole 8 was won by Josef Winter with a distance of 7.06m and Hole 13 saw Bernd Kaiser miss by only 5.67m. Second place on this hole was Ricardo Castro, (6.0m) the prize given due to there being no winner on Hole 4.

Almost all of our group had lunch and drinks at the very nearby Icon Kitchen restaurant where we were provided with a private room. Our new member Albert Koh introduced us to this restaurant and ordered a very different but delicious fare to our usual. (and no veggie curry!)

El Pres opened proceedings with a few very heartfelt words about some of our lost brethren in 2020 and that we will try to do something in the near future as a tribute to honour our fallen comrades. It has been a difficult year to be together to be able to do so. A few kind words of support for another of our members, Barry Cousins who’s contemplating surgery.

Paul also welcomed new members Vind Sidhu and Albert Koh, and another guest Scott Milton, Welcome all!

It appeared that everyone really enjoyed the golf and the socialising afterward, a welcome relief to what we are becoming used to. Apart from a major stuff up by the scribe/score recorder that could have perhaps marred the presentation, the day went smoothly. I should say that the stuff up was quickly fixed, was also a ‘bit funny’ and left the COTD nominations in no doubt.

After Stan had sculled his Pewter Mug accepting 1st prize, for 36 points, a little murmur was heard from the corner sounding like, ‘but I had 37 points’. The murmur had come from a very hard done by, Tony Morris! A quick look by the soon to be sacked Scribe, showed this to be true and as you would expect, the Scribe became the only real candidate for COTD.

Full Results


1st – Tony Morris – Winner of the Pewter Mug with 37 points.

2nd – Stan Constantinides (36)

3rd – Martin Belderink (35)

Last Birdie – Scott Milton (18th hole)

Lowest Gross – Geoff McLaws (81), 2nd Albert Koh (83)

NTP: Hole 4 – None

NTP: Hole 8 – Josef Winter

NTP: Hole 13 – Bernd Kaiser, Runnner-up Ricardo Castro

COTD Nominations:

  • Stan nominated Roland for talking through players backswings (3 times)
  • Pietro nominated Ricardo for hitting the ball further than him and continually standing in the fairway when others behind had yet to play their shots. “Ricardo is longer than me”
  • Paul nominated and this was unanimously voted as COTD – Your scribe, Geoff for absolutely “flucking up” the winner!


A few photos taken by Stan and Ricardo are attached for your viewing but first a word about our sponsors, without whom, we’d be drinking only beer and buying 2nd hand golf balls outside the course.

  • Ricardo for supplying the wine, and the second place prize.
  • Robert for supplying the balls.

Thank you guys.

El Pres in his opening address
November Winner- Tony Morris (Sincerely sorry)
Stan getting his ‘2nd’ place prize (sorry Stan)
Martin Belderink 3rd Place
NTP Hole 8 Josef Winter

NTP Nole 13 Bernd Kaiser
NTP Runner Up Ricardo Castro
Last Birdie Scott Milton (G)
Lowest Gross – Geoff Scribe McLaws
2nd Lowest Gross Albert Koh
Some fine images from Ricardo 1
What a swing 4.

Obituary – Enzo Filoni

Once again this year we have been shocked and saddened by the sudden death of one of our beloved KLOGS members Enzo, who passed away in the earlier hours of the 19th of October, 2020.

Enzo the Swiss/Italian first played with Klogs in March 2014 and became a member two months later at the June game. A regular attender over 7 years playing nearly 50 games. In January 2020 he became the societies treasurer, wanting to give back somethingto the group he enjoyed being with. Enzo was always smiling and joking around, just two of his many infectious attributes.

A monthly winner on 2 occasions at Staffield in March 2017, and Tropicana in September 2018, he was also the winner of the 2 day Away competition in Chiang Mai last year.

His most recent award however was for the other trophy at Templer Park in December of 2019 when he managed to break his 4 iron, sun glasses and golf shoes all in the one round.

He was famed for use of the cigar holder to avoid burning the green which he used to good effect on the Bangkok Away in November 2018. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and close friends in this difficult time.

A true gentlemen who will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure to know him.

Rest in peace buddy.

September 2020 Game – Glenmarie Golf & Country Club

The September 2020 game was held at the picturesque Glenmarie Golf & Country Club; El Pres had now settled back into his role, while our VP (Iain Wise) had made a valiant effort to return to Malaysia but had been turned back at KLIA.   Our official Aussie scribe was enjoying a period of quarantine so (hopefully) will be able to take back his role in October. 

With an early morning start again, 18 players including 3 guests (Vind Sidhu, Tsusaki & Albert) teed-off at ~8am on the Valley Course with a 2 tee box start, with the first flight finishing ~ 12.05pm despite slow play from the flight in front.  The weather rapidly became sunny & hot.  The course was in very good condition and relatively dry; bunkers were optional. 

We then enjoyed a good meal at Pantai Seafood, where we were joined by Barry Cousins and Andrew Robinson.   Needless to say, numerous bottles of beer were consumed, together with good wines provided by Ricardo Castro (our sponsor for the wine prize).  The day wrapped up for most ~ 3.30pm. 


The day was a day of big points scores, with 7 players bettering or equaling their handicaps.  The September medal winner, by a huge margin was Andrew Chez, with what we believe, is the first ever sub-par round of 71 for 48, including 5 birdies (cut 8); Thomas Stadler was again second with 82 for 43 (cut 5) with Ricardo Castro third on countback with 82 for 40 (cut 1).   Albert won a sleeve of balls for his lowest gross of 81 (Andrew having won the big prize).  Ricardo was the only one that made the green on 15 but had already won a prize for second place.

Full results below.


We only had one person nominated this month (twice) for COTD so the decision was clear.

  1. Robert Frager – for correctly wearing a KLOGS shirt, but with the name Klaus & position Scribe on the sleeves.
  2. Klaus Frager (again) – for dropping out of the August game, citing injury, only to be shopped by his mates golfing elsewhere with a post on Whatsapp!.


There were (surprisingly) few fines this month, with only one jug

Next Game



Our sponsors are a main reason that we can play at good golf courses and award members with trophies, attractive prizes as well as “KLOGS” signature golf balls. In order to show our appreciation we encourage members to support our sponsors.

Photos : courtesy of your Scribe & Ricardo (thanks)  

August 2020 Game – Kota Permai Golf & Country Club

The third post-MCO game of 2020 was held at the immaculate Kota Permai Golf & Country Club; El Pres had finally returned from exile in the UK but your former scribe was still unable to hand over his old role to our Australian committee member !

With an early morning start again, 24 players including our honorary octogenarian Mike Smith and 3 guests (Vind Sidhu, Albert, & Lee Hee Hong) teed-off ~8.15am with a 2 tee box start. The flights which started off #1 were held up throughout by slow flights in front but still finished at ~1.30pm, slightly behind the flights which started off #10. The weather was initially cool but became sunny & hot later. The course as usual was in very good condition and relatively dry so balls ran well if you were on the fairway; bunkers were in-play causing a few players, including your scribe, problems.

We then enjoyed a good meal at Pantai Seafood, where we were joined by Barry Cousins; Andrew Robinson made an early start on the beer as his back was still troubling him, forcing him to abandon at #11. Needless to say, numerous bottles of beer were consumed, together with good wines provided by Ricardo Castro (our sponsor for the wine prize). The day wrapped up for most ~ 3.30pm.


The day was a day of big points scores, with 10 players bettering or equaling their handicaps. The August medal winner, initially by a huge margin was Hans Bohi with an impressive 87; this was originally for 49 points but his handicap was subsequently reviewed and reduced from 28 to 23 (based on +4 of his NHS handicap 18.7), so he ended up with 44 (cut 8) now playing off 15 !; Thomas Stadler was second (cut 2) with 85 for 42 with Tony Morris third(cut 1) on countback with 87 for 41. Andrew Chez won a sleeve of balls for his lowest gross of 80.

Full results below.

KLOGS Aug results v2
• NTP winner #4 : Clive Gordon
• NTP winner #14 : Vind Sidhu
• Longest drive #8 : Albert 262.5m
• Last birdie : Tony #17


We only had one person nominated this month (twice) for COTD so the decision was clear :
1. Mike Smith– for complaining people were in his peripheral vision because he has 270 deg vision !
2. Mike S (again) – for spending some time trying to get into locker #91, only to realise it was #16


There were (surprisingly) no jugs this month but Hans was fined 100 Rm for his handicap violation, a few for incorrect scorecards and others for various misdemeanours.

Next Game

This will be at the Glenmarie Valley course, on Thursday 17 September.


Our sponsors are a main reason that we can play at good golf courses and award members with trophies, attractive prizes as well as “KLOGS” signature golf balls. In order to show our appreciation we encourage members to support our sponsors.


Photos : courtesy of your Scribe & Ricardo (thanks)


Rules of Golf – Nearest Point of Relief

With the recent Covid-19 restrictions and the situation where most courses are now classifying bunkers as GUR this requires the player to take the nearest point of relief from the bunker. This has caused a lot of confusion as how to determine this point so this video we made today highlights the process the player should go through. Thanks to Peter Davies for a great explanation.