December 2020 – Final KLOGS outing in a year of many challenges.

The final game of 2020 took place on the morning of 9th December. Eighteen of us ventured across borders (some for the first time in months) to play at Impian Golf and Country Resort in Kajang. With CMCO restrictions recently being eased, we travelled with confidence that the destination was going to be reached!

Two flights of three and three of four started from two tee boxes but those starting from Hole 10 had a very slow start behind the ‘walking golfers’, with Ricardo’s group recording a 3.5 hour first nine. Most groups recorded an 18 holes total time of more than 4.5 hours which is really unacceptable in todays’ climate and need to speed up the game.

Apparently registration was comparatively easy but then the fun started. Getting onto the golf course was another matter entirely. Impian only provide block times to groups meaning no individual tee times and thereby the potential for multiple groups to be at the tee box waiting to start. Wednesday was no exception. At least four flights of local golfers were suddenly on the tee boxes in front of our groups on both tee boxes, meaning a very slow start for KLOGGERS. My own flight waited over 40 minutes to tee off and we experienced hold ups on every hole until we were 6 holes in.

Impian is usually a very well presented golf course with fast and true greens and provides many challenges to most golfers. This time was no exception. The course was quite superb with only a few murmurs heard about varying green speeds (must agree) and of course, lost balls. Returned score cards reflected the difficulty of the course with only four players bettering their handicaps.

Playing from the ‘white’ tee boxes, our groups generally finished in under 5 hours but as stated, quite unacceptable. With CMCO restrictions easing, we could have expected to shower again before gathering for lunch but the showers were unavailable even if you brought a towel. Regardless, only 50% of the crew read the emails and brought a change of shirt, who then had to endure the pervading ‘mustiness’ in the restaurant. Refreshments a plenty helped us to forget about the latter.

Lunch was taken at the very reliable Restoran East of Highway which once again, put on a very good spread (ordered by Albert Koh – thank you) and all was washed down with plenty of amber fluid and grape juice.

El Pres (Paul) opened proceedings with a few words about the registration process and our frustrations outlined above. Of course, we couldn’t get by without our sponsors which El Pres acknowledged in his own inimitable way. Ricardo for the wine and Robert for his Balls.

Our winners on the day are as follows:

Overall winner – Vind Sidhu 86 gross for 40 points.

2nd Place – Paul Geddes 83 for 39 points.

3rd Place – Josef Winter 94 for 37 points.

Nearest to the Pin – Holes 7, 12 and 16.

Hole 7 – Thomas Stadler 1.9m. (Guest Patrick Teoh was 1.25m but did not attend lunch)

Hole 12 – Mahmud Mohammed 12m .

Hole 16 – Pietro 2.5cm. (As with men and ‘size’, there was some discussion over whether it was 2.5cm or 25cm)

Last Birdie – Rudi Schipper (Guest) Hole 16.

Lowest Gross – Geoff McLaws 81.

Following the presentations, El Pres called for nominations for COTD. The room was quiet. We must have been well behaved today……………..

  1. It appeared that no-one had anything to offer before our ever reliable Sigi, (for COTD noms) nominated Clive for selling him a GPS watch which never registers anything less than 100 metres.

2. This resulted in Clive retaliating with a nomination for Sigi, for “just being a C**T!”

3. Mahmud was generally nominated for equipment abuse which resulted in a broken driver shaft (very costly). Sweaty hands Mahmud?

4. Vind nominated Albert for losing his caddy somewhere during the round and then refusing the replacement that was brought to him.

5. Sigi then nominated Bernd (I told you Sigi was reliable) for showing Pietro his 9 iron from 156 metres saying he’ll easily get there with the club only to fall way short!

Bernd was unanimously voted the COTD and received the ‘winnings’ on the day.

Then there were only a few fines registered this month leaving the coffers a little bit lean.

  1. John Lee and Rudi Schipper for not reaching the ladies tee box (or having to play from the tee again) contributed RM50 each.

2. Vind for not wearing his KLOGS shirt contributed RM50.

3. Incorrect score cards Vind and Sigi RM20 each.

A reminder that you should only score one other player in your flight and record both his and yours on the score card you submit. All cards are to be signed by the player and marker. Every player is to submit his own card, not the card for the player you marked for. Do not sign for an incorrect score or you will be fined.

A clarification of the most recent instruction regarding fines and playing your 3rd shot from the tee box or not reaching the ladies tee box was needed following discussions with a player. Where a player ‘chooses’ to play his 3rd shot from the tee box (in the case of hitting your ball into the water hazard and a drop zone is provided), this shot is not considered as being behind the ladies tee box, and does not warrant a fine. That is, UNLESS the drop zone is also behind the ladies tee box. The latter will rarely apply if only one drop zone is provided for both men and women.

Some photos of the presentation and some really good pics from Ricardo to follow.

Winner – Vind Sidhu
Second Place – El Pres
3rd Place – Josef Winter
NTP winner Hole 7 Thomas Stadler
NTP Hole 16 – Pietro Martucci
COTD December – Bernd Kaiser
Will you look at that finish? Stand closer to the ball Vind!

18th Nov 20 Scribe Report – Bukit Jalil GCR

El Presidente – Paul Geddes Esq.

Moneybags – Stan standing in for Enzo Filoni (in memory, RIP)

Scribe – Geoff McLaws


November 18th 2020.

Twenty two (22) Kloggers finally got together at Bukit Jalil Golf and Country Resort after a tumultuous year of COVID-19 Coronavirus, border and country closures, massive restrictions on our movements and the ever present threat of the virus itself. So many missed games and dinners and unfortunately for most of us, little opportunity to catch up with friends who have been lost to us this year.

Bukit Jalil suffers a lot from cyclic maintenance and like most golf courses in Malaysia, they depend on income to keep up that maintenance in times like we have experienced this year. Who knows what the bean-counters decide in their monthly meetings but the golf course suffers if the budget doesn’t include the maintenance required. For mainly this reason the golf course is sometimes fantastic and on other times very poor. This time we were fortunate aside from the lengthy registration process.

[One thing that detracts from this course more than others I’ve played, is the lack of golfer etiquette when it comes to repairing pitch marks or replacing divots. Some greens were like polka dots and thank goodness for pick, clean and place on the fairways. Open to comment]

On to the game. With two flights of 3, and four of 4, three flights started from the 1st and the other three from 10. All finished in good time but we can all agree that it was a very hot morning and all were pleased to retire to the restaurant for an ale. Bukit Jalil is presently very good, the greens roll smoothly (green speed 9.5 – 10) and the fairways lush and dry(ish), considering the heavy overnight rain. The rough here is another thing. Rumour is that’s where the elephants go to die!

The scores today reflected the relative difficulty of this course even from the whites. Some of the greens proved a mighty challenge given the slopes that some have and the higher green speeds we shared. Only four players played better than, or to their handicaps with Tony MORRIS finally being declared the winner. More on that to come.

We were not able to run our usual competition of Longest Drive but using our SOP’s by carrying individual tapes, we had three NTP’s. The fourth hole proved the most difficult of the 3 with not one player reaching the green in regulation! Hole 8 was won by Josef Winter with a distance of 7.06m and Hole 13 saw Bernd Kaiser miss by only 5.67m. Second place on this hole was Ricardo Castro, (6.0m) the prize given due to there being no winner on Hole 4.

Almost all of our group had lunch and drinks at the very nearby Icon Kitchen restaurant where we were provided with a private room. Our new member Albert Koh introduced us to this restaurant and ordered a very different but delicious fare to our usual. (and no veggie curry!)

El Pres opened proceedings with a few very heartfelt words about some of our lost brethren in 2020 and that we will try to do something in the near future as a tribute to honour our fallen comrades. It has been a difficult year to be together to be able to do so. A few kind words of support for another of our members, Barry Cousins who’s contemplating surgery.

Paul also welcomed new members Vind Sidhu and Albert Koh, and another guest Scott Milton, Welcome all!

It appeared that everyone really enjoyed the golf and the socialising afterward, a welcome relief to what we are becoming used to. Apart from a major stuff up by the scribe/score recorder that could have perhaps marred the presentation, the day went smoothly. I should say that the stuff up was quickly fixed, was also a ‘bit funny’ and left the COTD nominations in no doubt.

After Stan had sculled his Pewter Mug accepting 1st prize, for 36 points, a little murmur was heard from the corner sounding like, ‘but I had 37 points’. The murmur had come from a very hard done by, Tony Morris! A quick look by the soon to be sacked Scribe, showed this to be true and as you would expect, the Scribe became the only real candidate for COTD.

Full Results


1st – Tony Morris – Winner of the Pewter Mug with 37 points.

2nd – Stan Constantinides (36)

3rd – Martin Belderink (35)

Last Birdie – Scott Milton (18th hole)

Lowest Gross – Geoff McLaws (81), 2nd Albert Koh (83)

NTP: Hole 4 – None

NTP: Hole 8 – Josef Winter

NTP: Hole 13 – Bernd Kaiser, Runnner-up Ricardo Castro

COTD Nominations:

  • Stan nominated Roland for talking through players backswings (3 times)
  • Pietro nominated Ricardo for hitting the ball further than him and continually standing in the fairway when others behind had yet to play their shots. “Ricardo is longer than me”
  • Paul nominated and this was unanimously voted as COTD – Your scribe, Geoff for absolutely “flucking up” the winner!


A few photos taken by Stan and Ricardo are attached for your viewing but first a word about our sponsors, without whom, we’d be drinking only beer and buying 2nd hand golf balls outside the course.

  • Ricardo for supplying the wine, and the second place prize.
  • Robert for supplying the balls.

Thank you guys.

El Pres in his opening address
November Winner- Tony Morris (Sincerely sorry)
Stan getting his ‘2nd’ place prize (sorry Stan)
Martin Belderink 3rd Place
NTP Hole 8 Josef Winter

NTP Nole 13 Bernd Kaiser
NTP Runner Up Ricardo Castro
Last Birdie Scott Milton (G)
Lowest Gross – Geoff Scribe McLaws
2nd Lowest Gross Albert Koh
Some fine images from Ricardo 1
What a swing 4.

Obituary – Enzo Filoni

Once again this year we have been shocked and saddened by the sudden death of one of our beloved KLOGS members Enzo, who passed away in the earlier hours of the 19th of October, 2020.

Enzo the Swiss/Italian first played with Klogs in March 2014 and became a member two months later at the June game. A regular attender over 7 years playing nearly 50 games. In January 2020 he became the societies treasurer, wanting to give back somethingto the group he enjoyed being with. Enzo was always smiling and joking around, just two of his many infectious attributes.

A monthly winner on 2 occasions at Staffield in March 2017, and Tropicana in September 2018, he was also the winner of the 2 day Away competition in Chiang Mai last year.

His most recent award however was for the other trophy at Templer Park in December of 2019 when he managed to break his 4 iron, sun glasses and golf shoes all in the one round.

He was famed for use of the cigar holder to avoid burning the green which he used to good effect on the Bangkok Away in November 2018. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and close friends in this difficult time.

A true gentlemen who will be sadly missed by all who had the pleasure to know him.

Rest in peace buddy.

September 2020 Game – Glenmarie Golf & Country Club

The September 2020 game was held at the picturesque Glenmarie Golf & Country Club; El Pres had now settled back into his role, while our VP (Iain Wise) had made a valiant effort to return to Malaysia but had been turned back at KLIA.   Our official Aussie scribe was enjoying a period of quarantine so (hopefully) will be able to take back his role in October. 

With an early morning start again, 18 players including 3 guests (Vind Sidhu, Tsusaki & Albert) teed-off at ~8am on the Valley Course with a 2 tee box start, with the first flight finishing ~ 12.05pm despite slow play from the flight in front.  The weather rapidly became sunny & hot.  The course was in very good condition and relatively dry; bunkers were optional. 

We then enjoyed a good meal at Pantai Seafood, where we were joined by Barry Cousins and Andrew Robinson.   Needless to say, numerous bottles of beer were consumed, together with good wines provided by Ricardo Castro (our sponsor for the wine prize).  The day wrapped up for most ~ 3.30pm. 


The day was a day of big points scores, with 7 players bettering or equaling their handicaps.  The September medal winner, by a huge margin was Andrew Chez, with what we believe, is the first ever sub-par round of 71 for 48, including 5 birdies (cut 8); Thomas Stadler was again second with 82 for 43 (cut 5) with Ricardo Castro third on countback with 82 for 40 (cut 1).   Albert won a sleeve of balls for his lowest gross of 81 (Andrew having won the big prize).  Ricardo was the only one that made the green on 15 but had already won a prize for second place.

Full results below.


We only had one person nominated this month (twice) for COTD so the decision was clear.

  1. Robert Frager – for correctly wearing a KLOGS shirt, but with the name Klaus & position Scribe on the sleeves.
  2. Klaus Frager (again) – for dropping out of the August game, citing injury, only to be shopped by his mates golfing elsewhere with a post on Whatsapp!.


There were (surprisingly) few fines this month, with only one jug

Next Game



Our sponsors are a main reason that we can play at good golf courses and award members with trophies, attractive prizes as well as “KLOGS” signature golf balls. In order to show our appreciation we encourage members to support our sponsors.

Photos : courtesy of your Scribe & Ricardo (thanks)  

August 2020 Game – Kota Permai Golf & Country Club

The third post-MCO game of 2020 was held at the immaculate Kota Permai Golf & Country Club; El Pres had finally returned from exile in the UK but your former scribe was still unable to hand over his old role to our Australian committee member !

With an early morning start again, 24 players including our honorary octogenarian Mike Smith and 3 guests (Vind Sidhu, Albert, & Lee Hee Hong) teed-off ~8.15am with a 2 tee box start. The flights which started off #1 were held up throughout by slow flights in front but still finished at ~1.30pm, slightly behind the flights which started off #10. The weather was initially cool but became sunny & hot later. The course as usual was in very good condition and relatively dry so balls ran well if you were on the fairway; bunkers were in-play causing a few players, including your scribe, problems.

We then enjoyed a good meal at Pantai Seafood, where we were joined by Barry Cousins; Andrew Robinson made an early start on the beer as his back was still troubling him, forcing him to abandon at #11. Needless to say, numerous bottles of beer were consumed, together with good wines provided by Ricardo Castro (our sponsor for the wine prize). The day wrapped up for most ~ 3.30pm.


The day was a day of big points scores, with 10 players bettering or equaling their handicaps. The August medal winner, initially by a huge margin was Hans Bohi with an impressive 87; this was originally for 49 points but his handicap was subsequently reviewed and reduced from 28 to 23 (based on +4 of his NHS handicap 18.7), so he ended up with 44 (cut 8) now playing off 15 !; Thomas Stadler was second (cut 2) with 85 for 42 with Tony Morris third(cut 1) on countback with 87 for 41. Andrew Chez won a sleeve of balls for his lowest gross of 80.

Full results below.

KLOGS Aug results v2
• NTP winner #4 : Clive Gordon
• NTP winner #14 : Vind Sidhu
• Longest drive #8 : Albert 262.5m
• Last birdie : Tony #17


We only had one person nominated this month (twice) for COTD so the decision was clear :
1. Mike Smith– for complaining people were in his peripheral vision because he has 270 deg vision !
2. Mike S (again) – for spending some time trying to get into locker #91, only to realise it was #16


There were (surprisingly) no jugs this month but Hans was fined 100 Rm for his handicap violation, a few for incorrect scorecards and others for various misdemeanours.

Next Game

This will be at the Glenmarie Valley course, on Thursday 17 September.


Our sponsors are a main reason that we can play at good golf courses and award members with trophies, attractive prizes as well as “KLOGS” signature golf balls. In order to show our appreciation we encourage members to support our sponsors.


Photos : courtesy of your Scribe & Ricardo (thanks)


Rules of Golf – Nearest Point of Relief

With the recent Covid-19 restrictions and the situation where most courses are now classifying bunkers as GUR this requires the player to take the nearest point of relief from the bunker. This has caused a lot of confusion as how to determine this point so this video we made today highlights the process the player should go through. Thanks to Peter Davies for a great explanation.

July 2020 Game – Templer Park Country Club

The second post-MCO game of 2020 was held at the Templer Park Country Club with the arrangements being made from a very safe distance in Stonehaven in Scotland by El Pres (recently arrived in KL but in quarantine!)


With most of the committee AWOL, Allan Wright was persuaded to come out of retirement to be the MC on the day, with your former scribe still unable to hand over his old role to our Australian committee member!

With an early morning start again, 22 eager players including 2 guests (Gerhard Burchhard & Jasmi Kamsar) teed-off ~8am with a 2 tee box start. The flights which started off #10 were held up throughout by a slow 4-ball in front but still finished at ~12.30pm, slightly behind the flights which started off #1. The weather was initially sunny but became overcast later, but the threatening rain held off, though the course was still very soggy from torrential overnight rain.

We then enjoyed a decent meal at the club, joined by various groupies (Barry Cousins, Richard Moss & Andrew Robinson,) accompanied by numerous jugs of beer, good wines provided by Ricardo Castro (our sponsor for the wine prize) and whisky, procured on our behalf by Andrew Robinson getting mates rates at the Annex. The day wrapped up for most ~ 2.30pm.


With many players, including your scribe, struggling, only 4 players bettered their handicaps. The July medal winner, was David Cheung with an impressive 89 for 43; Ricardo Castro was second with 85 for 38 with Stan C third with 92 for 37. (Actually tied with our guest, Jasmi with 97 for 37). Andrew Chez won a consolation prize of a sleeve of balls for his lowest gross of 83.

Full results below.

KLOGS July results

  • NTP winner #2 : Tony Morris
  • NTP winner #8 : Clive Gordon
  • NTP winner #11 : Pietro Martucci
  • NTP winner #16 : Roland S
  • Last birdie : Enzo F

In Memoriam

Another sad event during the month was the passing of our friend and regular KLOGer Roger McGowan after a long battle with cancer. Whisky toasts were made and Andrew Barber gave a short speech in remembrance. A full obituary is posted at :

RIP Roger


We had only 4 (rather tame) nominations this month for COTD.

1. Stan – for a late handicap adjustment, allowing him to steal 3rd place
2. Andrew Barber – for aiming for the bridge on the 4th hole, then landing on it
3. Ricardo – hunting for Martin in the shower !
4. Sigi – for responsibly picking up the longest drive tape measure & results sheet (when we didn’t have a longest drive !)

Sigi was unanimously voted COTD !



There were surprisingly, only a few jugs this month and a few other fines.

Next Game


Our sponsors are a main reason that we can play at good golf courses and award members with trophies, attractive prizes as well as “KLOGS” signature golf balls. In order to show our appreciation we encourage members to support our sponsors.


Photos : courtesy of your Scribe, Stuart, Ricardo, Jasmi, Andrew C & Martin (thanks)

Obituary – Roger McGowan

Roger McGowan sadly passed away at his home in Kuala Lumpur on 7 July, 2020 aged 71, after a lengthy battle with prostate cancer.  Until the very end he had led a vigorous and busy life – in recent years taking part in ocean swimming marathons in Australia and Malaysia, and trekking expeditions to Ireland, Scotland and Tuscany as well as participating in his usual games of golf in Malaysia.  He fought his cancer with tenacity and optimism – gaining a full four years on the UK consultant who six years ago had given him just two years to live.

Roger’s father, who had Roger late in life, had flown for the Royal Flying Corp in France in 1917 and was deemed too old for active service in the Second World War, where he served as an instructor. With these impressive antecedents, and with flying clearly in the family DNA, it was no surprise that Roger at the age of 18 successfully applied to join the RAF, where he trained to fly the English Electric Lightning, which was the UK’s primary air defence fighter of the 1960s and ‘70s.  Roger served in Lightning squadrons in the UK, Germany and Cyprus before opting to leave in the 1980s and become a civilian pilot with Britannia Airways – where he reportedly enjoyed all the benefits that accrued from long-haul travel to exotic locations. In the 1990s, Roger had a two year assignment with Malaysian Airlines, where once again he participated fully in the cultural and social opportunities on offer, while developing a close attachment to Malaysia.

In the late 1990s, Roger stood down as an airline pilot and thereafter was largely unencumbered by work, taking up instead the Malaysia My Second Home scheme.  This freedom enabled him to become an active golfer, scuba-diver, kite-surfer, mountaineer, ocean free-swimmer, trekker and international traveller.  He also met Mindy, who became his long-term partner and, in his last months, his wife.  Roger and Mindy were well known in the Kuala Lumpur social scene, particularly during Roger’s tenure as Chieftain of the St Andrew’s Society.  Alongside his sport and socialising, many friends will also remember Roger for his enthusiastic promotion of outlandish conspiracy theories, which he would research and argue with the dogged tenacity expected of a fighter pilot.

As a keen golfer Roger played with a number of local golfing groups. He was a regular attendee of the KLOGS golf society, first playing in September 2008 (guest of Andrew Barber) before becoming a member in January 2009. He will be remembered fondly as perhaps the calmest player of the society, with his ability to never get flustered, regardless of the outcome of a shot with a great sense of humour. He was also a winner on the 2018 away in Bangkok and recently served on the committee as ‘moneybags’. Roger also played a total of 63 games with the Loose Cannons golfing group who play every Tuesday. Roger was also an active member over the last few years with the FRID’ Eggs golfing group who play every Friday and played a total of 37 games. He also joined the group on our last away tour in August 2019 to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

His unflappable character served him well in life.  He never seemed to lose his temper and always retained a keen sense of humour – even in his final days.  Roger died too young but he had lived life to the full.  At his funeral, Roger the RAF fighter ace was dressed in the kilt and regalia of a Scottish chieftain. He was a man of parts and will be missed by his many friends, colleagues and companions.   

R.I.P. Roger McGowan

Birthday Party for Andrew Barber (60), Roger McGowan (70) and Andrew Robinson (70)
Birthday Party for Andrew Barber (60), Roger McGowan (70) and Andrew Robinson (70)

June 2020 Game – Palm Garden Golf Club

The first post-MCO game of 2020 was held at the immaculate Palm Garden Golf Club, with this first game moved to the end of June to allow more time to prepare & become familiar with the relevant golf SOPs etc.  El Pres (Paul Geddes) was stuck in the UK because of movement restrictions but remotely still managed to arrange the game while Scribe (Geoff McLaws) similarly was stuck in Australia so Iain Wise & Dave Evans stepped back into their former roles.


28 players including our Honorary Octogenarian (Mike Smith) plus 4 guests (Mike Williams, O C Tan, Andy Morrow & Harrish Bhonsle), teed-off at the unearthly hour for KLOGS of 7.15am with a 2 tee box start, most playing off the Blue tees since the course was deemed ‘short’.  Two of the golfers (including your scribe) opted to play off the White tees with a 2 stroke penalty applied; when the others realized that in some cases the Blue tees had been moved back to the Black, a few others wished they had taken the penalty (on the 18th tee, for example, the official difference between Black & White is 72m !).   At that time, the course was not busy so all flights made good time, finishing by ~noon. The weather was initially cool, heating up through the morning.

Post-game, 27 slightly sweaty golfers (the changing rooms & showers not being open) enjoyed a 2-course meal in the clubs banquet suite, accompanied by numerous jugs of beer (when you could get one !) & good wines provided by Ricardo Castro (our sponsor for the wine prize).  The day wrapped up for most ~ 2pm.


Playing of the blues (and a few Blacks) and with the new handicaps in force, there were only 3 players bettering or equaling their handicaps, with no 40+ winner this week.  The June medal winner on count back was Thomas Stadler with 94 for 38, with Bernd Kaiser 2nd with 93 for 38; Allan Wright was 3rd with 98 for 36.   Andrew Chez won a sleeve of balls for his lowest gross of 83 (with 33 points).

Full results below.

KLOGS results June 2020 v2




KLOGS novelties

In Memoriam

Our golfing fraternity had been shocked and saddened by the sudden passing of our friend and regular KLOGer Tom Holmes (on 12 June) & a regular guest, Arthur Rodwell (father of Richard) in February.  Whisky toasts were made and Iain & Mike Smith gave short speeches in remembrance.

RIP Tom & Arthur

KLOGS - Tom Holmes


We had the following nominations this month for COTD.

  1. Iain – for knocking over a beer jug with a badly aimed sleeve of balls
  2. Hans – for not knowing he would be fined a jug for 3 off the tee, despite playing with KLOGS for years, and for saying “he was pin high, but in the water !”
  3. Flight #5 – for slow play, the following flight frequently waiting 5 mins on the tee box
  4. Pietro – for a very long email exchange
  5. Mike S – for getting very agitated & demanding the staff bring him beer immediately, when there was a jug in front of him
  6. Paul Geddes (in absentia) – for implying KLOGS members are like alzeimhers

Hans was unanimously voted COTD !


There were numerous fines (13 !)  this month for jugs, no doubt because of the choice of Blue tees, plus others for various misdemeanours.


Edwin Ferner leaves Malaysia soon to go to darkest Africa; he could not join us for this game but leaves us on a high as the last pre-MCO game (February) winner.   We wish him well.

Next Game



Our sponsors are a main reason that we can play at good golf courses and award members with trophies, attractive prizes as well as “KLOGS” signature golf balls. In order to show our appreciation we encourage members to support our sponsors.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 11.55.11 AM

 Photos : courtesy of your Scribe & Ricardo (thanks)


Obituary – Tom Holmes

It was with deep sadness and shock that we heard about the sudden death of Tom Holmes on 12th June 2020. 

Tom (48) will be fondly remembered by all for his jovial nature, his passion for the game of golf and of course his inimitable sharp, dry humour.

It was in 2008, after meeting Mike Smith at the Doha Golf Club, Qatar and with Mike enthusing to Tom about how nice Malaysia was, Tom, who was now at the end of his contract, jumped on a plane with one suitcase and his golf clubs and arrived in Malaysia. Here he fell right into the KL lifestyle and joined a number of golfing societies living the life of leisure before getting a job. Tom subsequently became an “offshore tiger” having gained employment here in Malaysia specialising in offshore installations, flare maintenance and operations, which included flare tip and igniter panels replacement, given his electrical background.

In the time that Tom was in Malaysia he was active in all the KL golf societies such as Loose Cannons, KLOGS and FRID’ Eggs but Tom was of course predominantly active in the running of the WIGS group which played every Sunday at Bukit Unggul.

Tom was involved with the WIGS golf group for many years and with his organisational skills and meticulous attention to detail with the WIGS unique scoring and handicapping system along with the “Animal Fines” and other associated infringements Tom ultimately headed up the WIGS group. Tom organised and attended every twice-yearly golf away trips in his capacity as CW for the WIGS society and they were all an outstanding success.

Tom was also a regular attender of KLOGS monthly games and twice-yearly “aways” for over 10 years when not working offshore. His last victory was at Tropicana in April of 2017, and on this day as well as easily winning the game he was also awarded the “other award” for blobbing the last hole when considered well in front – handicap preservation being the cry with the forthcoming May away on the horizon. Tom was regularly awarded this accolade, most recently on the Chiang Mai November Away, where as well as winning the daily misdemeanour award he also took this for the tour -something to do with the wearing of an orange bathing cap in the shower. Tom’s greatest qualities were to give everyone the benefit of his cutting wit, but also not getting bothered when it rebounded and taking his punishment in fine style. He was also quick to assist and standing in as scribe at short notice, and acting as the tour’s fines master with relish. With his wide knowledge of golf in the region, he was a very helpful source on the latest course information when planning the next away adventure. In addition to all the above an accomplished golfer who always showed great sportsmanship and a loyal friend to all those that had the privilege to meet him.

Tom was also a member of the FRID’ Eggs group who met every Friday and, work or travel permitting, Tom would join the group. Tom’s last game with FRID’ Eggs was on 14th February 2020 at Danau Golf Club where he won on the day – a very fitting result for a great golfer and a great human being.

Tom was a very well-loved and respected friend to everybody in our community here in Malaysia. The outpouring messages of affection and tributes received upon the shock and disbelief at Tom’s sudden and totally unexpected demise bears testimony to this. Tom became more than just a golf buddy to some, he also became a part of the family. 

Tom will be sadly missed by all his golfing friends and all his other friends and working colleagues here in Malaysia and overseas but of course our thoughts and deepest condolences go out at this time to his family back in UK. 

R.I.P. Tom Holmes